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Thank you for the most memorable and exciting evening. You really know what to say and do. Now only you know what I am talking about. IT WAS VERY INTERESTING,WE ENJOYED OURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!! That tour was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS - Shelly Marie Hatcher

Garrett, We went on the Lincoln Ghost Walk last week while we were in Springfield. You did an excellent job and we truly enjoyed learning more about the Lincolns. Thanks for a great tour. - Matt and Julie Chaliff

Lois ordered your book on Amazon and it came in today. Just after I sent the last e-mail, she announced she had already finished it and loved it. Thanks again.

Wanted to let you know that a version of the story I interviewed you for just appeared in CNN travel today. Will be on budgettravel.com next week, too, but they sometimes release to CNN as well. Thanks for your help! http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TRAVEL/10/23/travel.ghost.hunting/index.html?iref=24hours - Berit

I have been showing that picture to everyone. Hopefully getting you more business. Everyone says it's cool and they would like to go on the dead walk. I must say, it was very interesting and I plan on going to more myself. I will be looking forward to seeing other pics on you site. I'm glad I kept trying with my cell phone. I didn't plan on anything out of the ordinary. Have a great day and Happy Halloween! - Hope E.

The Lincoln's Ghost Walk was awesome. I learned more about Lincoln on your tour than all day at the sites! Your tour was a master’s course in Lincoln in just an hour and a half! Thanks so much. - William B.

Garret, you saw me standing on a corner staring at a map and you stopped offering your assistance. Thanks for the help and you were right, the Lincoln walk was the best tour I've ever taken. - Richard

We were surprised to find out you had no acting experience. You really made our Springfield visit something to remember and we're telling all our friends to visit Springfield next year and to take any of your tours. - The Meyers

The guide on Mr. Lincoln's Springfield was superb! Between his costume and the lantern we felt like we had stepped back in time. He knew the Lincoln history very well and even stumped my husband, a Lincoln know-it-all. Our thanks to him for a great tour. - Bev

It was really nice to hear Lincoln history that’s not talked about so much. The Lincoln Springfield walk made Lincoln out to just be one of the guys, a citizen like the rest of us. I also really enjoyed talking to the guide after the tour. - Nate D.

Garret, you have given my wife and I such a lifetime appreciation of Mr. Lincoln and his times. We have deepened our respect for the depth of our President. You have used your gift to share the man's life and the difference one person can make to a community and a nation. You have blessed us richly. - James and Sherra

Good morning Garret, I just want to thank you again! Jim, Jenna, and I very much enjoyed our day yesterday immersed in the Lincolns…our tours were very friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about sharing the history. The amount of information we received in such fun and interesting ways is unbelievable. We came to love and respect Abe, his work, and his sacrifices even more as a result. Being Irish, we understand the importance of storytelling and passing on important history from one generation to the next. Thank you for sharing your gifts, your hospitality, your knowledge, and your love of Abraham Lincoln with us. We will never forget our great experience! Til we meet again, Kelly

Garret, we wanted to thank you for the wonderful "Abraham Lincoln Site Walking Tour" we took with you last Thursday, September 12, 2013. The tour is an excellent way to take in all the important Lincoln sites and we even had time to tour the Lincoln History Museum afterwards. We were entertaining my wife's twin sister and her husband from Littleton, Colorado and they enjoyed the tour as much as we did. Thanks to your tour and the information you provided us on the tour, we don't think we missed a thing. Art& Sandra, Ballwin, MO.
Hello Garret,

Thank you so much for ensuring that our group, the Friends of the National Frontier Trails Museum, had an outstanding adventure while visiting Springfield, Illinois. When I began planning for this event I knew that I would have to have the best possible experiences planned as many of the participants would be k-12 educators seeking graduate credit for their effort. Additionally I would also have to meet the expectations of a fairly demanding group of seasoned travelers who would be accompanying us out of an interest in Lincoln. When I asked several of the Springfield tourism professionals about which tour company would be the best for my group, without hesitation they recommended that I contact you. I was not disappointed.

Not having visited Springfield I entered the planning with some trepidation. After your prompt reply to my inquiry and our subsequent conversation and e-mail exchanges I was quickly put at ease. Your thoughtful answers to my questions and excellent recommendations as to hotels and restaurants were not only welcome but accurate based on my experiences. I can state frankly that without them our excursion may not have been as successful as it turned out to be for our group. the Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau was also helpful, but the "personal" testimonial from a thoughtful local made all the difference for me. You are an excellent tourism ambassador for Springfield.

As a museum professional responsible for the planning, development and implementation of interpretive programs ranging from tours to battle re-enactments I testify that you are among the best interpreters of the past I have encountered in quite some time. You set exactly the right tone for the day-and-a-half we had you as a guide. From the first several moments of your introduction I knew that we were in extremely gifted hands. You have truly mastered the art and science of historical interpretation. Your entire service, from step-on guide to facilitator of "Lincoln's Ghost Walk," was a testament not only to the depth and breadth of your knowledge of Lincoln's life and times, but also your passion for the man, his family, and his times. Your presentations were filled with wonderful facts, generous citations of primary and secondary sources, and a balanced perspective completely free of bias. Of course the admiration and respect you have for the Lincoln family came through very clearly, but that is completely acceptable given how responsibly you treated the subjects of our journey. You shared many different perspectives and always encouraged us to decide for ourselves what to think or believe. That truly is a hallmark of a professional interpreter of the past.

Please accept by gratitude for everything you helped us accomplish. You made us feel special and most welcome. I am confident that all of the groups you encounter think and feel the same. Springfield Walks is providing an excellent service to Lincoln and Springfield.

Best possible regards,

Richard Edwards
Curator of Education
National Frontier Trails Museum

Garrett, I just again wanted to thank you for the amazing tour you gave our group (from Galesburg) this afternoon.  I think I speak for myself and my bearded other half that this was by far one of the more interesting things we have done in a while. We are both HUGE history buffs and enjoyed your take and vast knowledge on the history of Springfield and Lincoln himself.   I have been to a lot of the Lincoln sites many times over several years and learned more with you in two hours than I have in years.  I will be contacting you and your organization this spring/summer to do the Bootleggers Pub Crawl, and more than likely one of your haunted tours.  Again, thank you for providing me with a very entertaining, enlightening, and educational experience. Sincerely, Sara


We were in Springfield this past weekend doing the Lincoln sites. We really enjoyed everything, including our guided walk (Lincoln Lore and Legends). We went on the walk this past Thursday, April 26. The guide's name was Ericka. She did a fantastic job, and I tipped her at the end of our tour. We both went on our ways when I heard her running back and calling for us to stop.... I had given her a 50 bill instead of a 10.  She noticed that and wanted to return it to us. I believe in complimenting good people, and Ericka is one! She easily could have just taken the money and not said a word about it. She is a great guide in the real tradition of Honest Abe himself! Ann, Middletown Ohio.

Garrett, thank you so much for a great tour. The group leader was very pleased with your service and I look forward to our next tour. Hope you have a great season! Regards Terri, Triple R Tours.
Garret, I went on one of your walking tours this year for the first time. I live in Monmouth, but I have several friends that live in Springfield- so this is how I came upon your tour. I had an AMAZING time!!! I came home and told my friends all about it. I just wanted to tell you that you do an AMAZING job!!!  I would and will be back to participate again in you tour next year and I will be bring my friends from here. Your tour is well worth the 2 hour drive. I know you used to do tours in Macomb. Just thought I would let you know you are the BEST at your field :)
Thanks for the experience, Katie

Hello Garret!! Greetings from Eau Claire, WI. We wanted to say Thank You for your kindness while we were in Springfield. You provided us with many incredible memories of our family vacation to Springfield that we will cherish forever. We completely enjoyed the Lincoln Ghost Walk and found it to be one of the highlights of our trip. But what really stays with us even today is the time we spent talking with you at the Lincoln House and on the walk back to downtown after the Farewell Speech at the depot. We already miss Springfield and that is due to the kindness we were shown by folks like you. We wish we were still there!! Thank you so much!!
Sincerely, Ron, Michelle, Madison, Nicklaus, Eau Claire, Wisconsin